One Word Substitution





1. Something that is suitable for drinking ?
[A] potable
[B] portable
[C] edible
[D] audible
Ans:Option A

2. The crime of literary theft ?
[A] plagiarism
[B] pluralism
[C] partiality
[D] panacea
Ans:Option A

3. The act of violating an oath of solemn promise ?
[A] philanderer
[B] sojourn
[C] perjury
[D] paronyms
Ans:Option C

4. One versed in the nature of disease, their causes and symptoms ?
[A] philanthropist
[B] philologist
[C] patricide
[D] pathologist
Ans:Option D

5. One favouring the policy of peace ?
[A] pacifist
[B] aggressionist
[C] imperialists
[D] heretic
Ans:Option A

6. One skilled in the diseasen of the eyes ?
[A] dentist
[B] oculist
[C] neurologist
[D] obstretrician
Ans:Option B

7. A person peculiarity of constitution or temperament ?
[A] ambiguous
[B] allgory
[C] acoustics
[D] idiosyncrasy
Ans:Option D

8. Medicine that kills insects ?
[A] persticide
[B] homicide
[C] suicide
[D] matricide
Ans:Option A

9. To strik obscene,coarse or offensive passage out of a book ?
[A] delete
[B] proscribe
[C] expurgate
[D] detach
Ans:Option C

10. Short lived or fleeting ?
[A] permanent
[B] ephemeral
[C] effeminate
[D] optimist
Ans:Option B


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