1) Poles : Magnet :: ? : Battery

A. Energy

B. Power

C. Terminals

D. Cells

Ans :Option C
As magnet has poles similarly battery has terminals.

2) Peace : Chaos :: Creation : ?

A. Manufacture

B. Destruction

C. Build

D. Construction

Ans :Option B.
As opposite meaning of peace is chaos similarly opposite meaning of creation is destruction.

3) Architect : Building :: Sculptor : ?

A. Museum

B. Statue

C. Chisel

D. Stone

Ans :Option D.
As ‘Architect’ makes ‘Building’ similarly ‘Sculptor’ makes ‘Statue’.

4) Horse : Mare ::

A. Fox : Vixen

B. Duck : Geese

C. Dog : Puppy

D. Donkey : Pony

Ans :Option A.
Second is the feminine gender of the first

5) Cricket : Pitch ::

A. Ship : Dock

B. Boat : Harbour

C. Boxing : Ring

D. Wrestling : Track

Ans :Option C.
The game of cricket is played on a pitch similarly, the game of boxing is performed in a ring.

6) Oceans : Deserts : : Waves : ?

A. Dust

B. Sand Dunes

C. Ripples

D. Sea

Ans :Option B.
If oceans were deserts, waves would be sand dunes.

7) Grain : Stock : : Stick : ?

A. String

B. Heap

C. Collection

D. Bundle

Ans :Option D.
Second is a collection of the first.

8) Cube is related to Square in the same way as Square is related to

A. Plane

B. Triangle

C. Line

D. Point

Ans :Option C.
Cube comprises Square on all of its surfaces. In the same way square comprises Line on all of its sides.

9) Bank is related to Money in the same way as Transport is related to

A. Traffic

B. Goods

C. Speed

D. Road

Ans :Option B.
Bank deals with transaction of Money. Likewise Transport deals with the movement of Goods.

10) Fan is related to Wings in the same way as Wheel is related to

A. Round

B. Air

C. Spokes

D. Cars

Ans :Option C.
Wings are the parts of Fan. Likewise Spokes are the parts of Wheel.


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