Idioms and Phrases





Directions : In each of the following questions, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom printed in bold.

1. To keep the wolf away from the door

(a) To keep away from extreme poverty
(b) To keep off an unwanted and undesirable person
(c) To keep alive
(d) To hold the difficulties and dangers in check
Ans :Option a

2. To fly off the handle

(a) To take of
(b) To be indifferent
(c) To dislocate
(d) To lose one’s temper
Ans :Option b

3. To break the ice

(a) To start quarreling
(b) To end the hostility
(c) To start a conversation
(d) To end up partnership
Ans :Option c

4. To look sharp

(a) To concentrate
(b) To speak roughly
(c) To be attentive and active
(d) To be quick
Ans :Option d

5. To have brush with

(a) To start painting
(b) To have good and pleasing terms
(c) To be impressed
(d) To have a slight encounter
Ans :Option d

6. Swan-song

(a) Music as sweet as a song of birds
(b) A melodious song in praise of someone
(c) Praise of a woman by her lover
(d) Last work of a poet or musician before death
Ans :Option d

7. Hard-Pressed

(a) Bewildered
(b) Insulated
(c) Hard discipline
(d) In difficulties
Ans :Option d

8. A tall order

(a) A task difficult to perform
(b) A big problem
(c) A royal summon
(d) A big demand
Ans :Option a

9. Foar in the mouth

(a) Bitten by a snake
(b) To reveal the secret
(c) To be furious
(d) To be in the exteme hatred
Ans :Option d

10. To run amuck

(a) To run a race
(b) To run about in frenzy
(c) To feel exhausted
(d) To run to somebody’s help
Ans :Option b

11. Adam’s ale

(a) Grace
(b) Pleasure
(c) Water
(d) Wine
Ans :Option c

12. Spick and span

(a) Neat and clean
(b) Outspoken
(c) A ready-made thing
(d) Garrulous
Ans :Option a

13. To blaze tail

(a) To set on fire
(b) To be annoyed
(c) To vehemently oppose
(d) To inititate work in a movement
Ans:Option d

14. To bite one’s lips
(a) To be angry
(b) To feel sorry
(c) To have doubt
(d) To laugh at others
Ans :Option a

15. To blow hot and cold

(a) Changing weather
(b) To be untrustworthy
(c) To be inconsistent
(d) To be rich and poor frequently
Ans :Option c

16. The pros and cons

(a) For and aginst a thing
(b) Foul and fair
(c) Good and evil
(d) Former and latter
Ans :Option a

17. To see red

(a) To be very angry
(b) To victimize someone
(c) To find fault with
(d) To criticize others
Ans:Option c

18. To haul over the coals

(a) To put hand in a wrong task
(b) To throw into the fire
(c) To put to task
(d) To say the wrong words
Ans:Option c

19. French leave
(a) Long absence
(b) Leave on the pretext of illness
(c) Causal leave
(d) Absence without permission
Ans :Option d

20. To carry off the bell

(a) To call others for help
(b) To bag the first position
(c) To steal all wealth and flee
(d) To trouble others
Ans:Option b


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