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1. Who is the author of the book “Army and Nation : The Military and Indian Democracy since Independence”?
[A] Shiv Kunal Verma
[B] Christophe Jaffrelot
[C] Bruce Riedel
[D] Steven Wilkinson
Ans: D
Explanation: The book “Army and Nation : The Military and Indian Democracy since Independence” has been authored by Steven Wilkinson, a professor of political science and International relations at Yale University. It is about Indian Army’s relationship with the civilian government after Independence. It is in news because Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has advised his officers to read the book “Army and Nation” to understand how India succeeded in keeping the military out of politics.

2. What is the theme of 2017 International Condom Day (ICD)?
[A] Getting to Zero
[B] On the fast track to end AIDS
[C] Always in fashion
[D] Stigma and Discrimination
Ans: C
Explanation: The International Condom Day (ICD) is observed every year on February 13 to promote the use of condoms as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The 2017 theme is ‘Always in Fashion’.

3. Which union ministry has organized the International Conference on NexGen Technologies for Mining and Fuel Industries-2017?
[A] Ministry of Corporate Affairs
[B] Ministry of Civil Aviation
[C] Ministry of Mines
[D] Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Ans: D
Explanation: The International Conference on NexGen Technologies for Mining and Fuel Industries has started at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi on February 15, 2017. The 3 day conference is organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, which will cover areas like Innovative mining technology for sustainable development and advances in mine design mine planning recent advancement in drilling and blasting. The conference is inaugurated by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Science and Technology Minister.

4. Which country is hosting the 2017 Cobra Gold joint military exercise?
[A] Thailand
[B] Japan
[C] United States
[D] China
Ans: A
Explanation: The United States and Thailand has officially launched the 2017 Cobra Gold joint military exercise at Chonburi Province in Thailand on February 14. The 2017 Cobra Gold is the 36th edition of the military exercise in which more than 8,300 personnel from 29 countries, including Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asian nations are taking part. The Cobra Gold is the Asia’s largest multinational drill held in Thailand every year and is among the largest multinational military exercise in which the United States participates.

5. Jehan Daruvala, who won the 2017 New Zealand Grand Prix, is belonged to which country?
[A] Pakistan
[B] Nepal
[C] India
[D] Afghanistan
Ans: C
Explanation: Jehan Daruvala from India has won the 2017 New Zealand Grand Prix at the Chris Amon Circuit in Manfeild, New Zealand. With this, Daruvala has become the only Indian racer to register a win at a Grand Prix. The New Zealand Grand Prix is an annual motor racing event held in New Zealand. It is one of only two current national Grand Prix events that are not part of the Formula One World Championship, the other being the Macau Grand Prix.

6. GNFC township, which has become the India’s first-ever cashless township, is in which state?
[A] Maharashtra
[B] Gujarat
[C] West Bengal
[D] Assam
Ans: B
Explanation: The Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals (GNFC) township in Bharuch has become the India’s first-ever cashless township, which is recently inaugurated by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani on February 13, 2017. The GNFC is the first integrated industrial township in the country to go 100% digital in all financial transactions. All the shops in the GNFC township, which include paan shops, laundries, vegetable shops, barber shops, provision stores, cycle repairing shops, flour mills, conduct their business only through cashless transactions using PoS machines, e-wallets like BHIM, UPI, SBI Buddy, etc. Even a paan is purchased cashless and a cup of tea is also available cashless only. The GNFC has a population of around 5,000 and has facilities like a big shopping centre, restaurants, eateries, schools and colleges, hospital, stadium, guest house, etc.

7. Which state has hosted the 2017’s edition of ‘The Gateway of India Geo-economic Dialogue’?
[A] Kerala
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Karnataka
[D] Maharashtra
Ans: D
Explanation: The Gateway House and the Ministry of External Affairs has co-hosted the 2017’s edition of ‘The Gateway of India Geo-economic Dialogue’ in Mumbai, Maharashtra on February 13-14, 2017.This is India’s premier geo-economics conference on the theme ‘Where Geopolitics meets Business’ focused on building synergies between business and foreign policy. There were panel discussions that cover topics like Sovereign Funds, Global Taxation and Digital Economy.

8. Who has become the Pakistan’s first woman foreign secretary?
[A] Sabika Chaudhry
[B] Adilah Khan
[C] Bahameen Sharif
[D] Tehmina Janjua
Ans: D
Explanation: Tehmina Janjua has become the Pakistan’s first woman foreign secretary. Currently, Janjua is serving as Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva. Janjua will succeed Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry in March 2017.

9. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched a record 104 satellites from which rocket vehicle?
[A] PSLV-C38
[B] PSLV-C37
[C] PSLV-C36
[D] PSLV-C35
Ans: B
Explanation: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully launched a record 104 satellites from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh through PSLV C-37 launch vehicle. The PSLV-C37 first launched the 714 kg Cartosat-2 Series satellite for earth observation and then inject 103 co-passenger satellites, together weighing about 664 kg at lift-off into polar Sun Synchronous Orbit, about 520 km from Earth. With the successful launch, India scripted history by becoming the first country in the world to launch 104 satellites in a single rocket.

10. The world’s longest elevated cycle path has opened in which country?
[A] Japan
[B] China
[C] France
[D] Brazil
Ans: B
Explanation: The world’s longest elevated bike path “the winding viaduct”has been opened in the city of Xiamen, China which can handle about 2,023 cyclists with a speed limit of 15 miles per hour. The five-mile long and 16-feet wide bicycle-only pathway can carry 2,023 cyclists per hour, while 300 hire bikes are available for people who do not have bicycles. The architecture firm responsible is Copenhagen-based firm Dissing + Weitling, known for the creation of the Danish Bicycle Snake cycle route.


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