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Fact about ‘Pluto’


 Pluto takes the longest time of the eight planets (248 Earth years) to orbit around the sun. Because it’s the closest to the sun, Mercury has the fastest orbit, at 88 Earth days. Earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun.

Pluto is the only known dwarf planet with an atmosphere. It is very thin and would be toxic for humans to breathe. When Pluto is at its perihelion (closest to the sun), Pluto’s atmosphere is gas. When Pluto is at its aphelion (farthest from the sun), its atmosphere freezes and falls like snow.

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Facts About The Moon







Diameter: 3,475 km
Mass: 7.35 × 10^22 kg (0.01 Earths)
Orbits: The Earth
Orbit Distance: 384,400 km
Orbit Period: 27.3 days
Surface Temperature: -233 to 123 °C

The dark side of the moon is a myth.
In reality both sides of the Moon see the same amount of sunlight however only one face of the Moon is ever seen from Earth. This is because the Moon rotates around on its own axis in exactly the same time it takes to orbit the Earth, meaning the same side is always facing the Earth. The side facing away from Earth has only been seen by the human eye from spacecraft.

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